Herbal Remedies

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Herbal medicine is often considered the original form of holistic medicine. It is applied for nourishing and balancing your whole body and mind in times of need. Chinese herbs can effectively treat a whole range of health issues. They can also maintain good health and all without damaging side effects.

Individual herbs are combined to create a unique synergistic formula. Herbal Formulas, in combination, improve the benefits to you of the specific formula while lessening and often eliminating any harmful side effects.

In order to mix the most effective formula for your particular needs, the herbs are used in varying quantities and for different purposes. This enables one to tailor each formula to address the patient's specific needs. My herbal medicines are made from fresh herbs that have been carefully cultivated, then dried and prepared as needed. We use only the highest quality ingredients, with Good Manufacturing Processes.

Formulas can be taken in several ways: raw herbs that may be boiled into tea, pills or powder, or liquid extracts.  Your specific condition and circumstances will determine which method is best for you!